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Cuddly Creatures Postcards

Cuddly Creatures Postcards

Five cards each of ten different designs.

We have yet to meet someone who hasn’t ooh’d and ahh’d at this range of baby animal postcards. Even the most hardened, unsoppy person. Even our boss!

A bulldog puppy, flopped over the edge of a stair contrasting against a white background looks like you could just scoop him up for a cuddle. Curled up asleep in a hammock in a mass of soft grey fur, a gorgeous kitten is next.

Against a dramatic background of snow in the North Pole, there is a heart-warming photo of a mother polar bear in the sunset with her cub snuggled up against her. And then a tiny chick and baby rabbit side by side are so sweet you just want to scoop them up.

To make you smile we’ve included an image of a baby hamster, who has rolled over backwards and can’t get up again. He looks so indignant!

And you have to see the puppy swinging its head, while listening to music through earphones. Since we printed this, it has become a famous image the word over. Two foxes, caught with perfect timing, cheek to cheek, is one of the sweetest wildlife shots we’ve seen. Then there is a baby penguin giving another chick a hand up a crest of ice. This is a true image of friendship.

Four red squirrels huddled around each other for a natter is a captivating image of these woodland favourites. And the final image is a lamb. Jumping with the joys of spring

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