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Best of British Postcards

Best of British Postcards

Five cards each of ten different designs.

This collection of postcards brings the all the good things about being British, represented in a striking and artistic way.

Who can forget the original Mini? This bright-red car with its polished chrome sits on a black and white background of a London street, bringing it to life. Then there is a range of vintage postage stamps showing the smiling Queen at different times of her life, from childhood with the Queen Mother to how she is now.

The red telephone box, tucked away under a stone archway in a peaceful square will remind you of when there were commonplace on our streets. Strawberries are a very British thing – especially at Wimbledon! We have a gorgeous bunch of ripe glossy strawberries shining against a black and white background for contrast.

A set of classic stamps, with the Queen’s head, makes a surprisingly good postcard. And then the scarlet post-box, almost standing to attention like a guard, leaps off the page at you.

A very cute British Bulldog – all wrinkles and folds is next; then there is a close-up of a classic red English rose. A line of deck chairs by the beach, with the sun creating a shadow behind each of them, reminds us of the glory days of summer.

The final image is a stunning black and white shot of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, with a Route master London bus and black taxi driving past. The bus has been picked out in red to add extra character and drama to the postcard.

Price: £5.95


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