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Animal Kingdom Postcards

Animal Kingdom Postcards

This is a beautiful collection of postcards, featuring your favourite animals, caught in natural poses with enhanced colours and an artistic twist.

Five cards each of ten different designs, the first is a cute rabbit peeking through some long blades of grass, with a beautiful blue sky in the background. Then there is an elegant pink butterfly, gracefully sitting on a classic white rose.

The next one is a striking black and white image of and white image of an imperious tabby cat, reflected in a mirror. Her beautiful green eyes shine out in the deepest emerald green – the only splash of colour in this image.

With perfect timing, a tiny humming bird collecting nectar from a flower has been captured for the next in this range and who could resist our black and white little kitten taking her first steps

Showing the beauty of a mother’s love we have a monkey with her chin resting on the tiny head of her baby – proud and protective. Next we have a peacock with its plumage on full and magnificent display. Most peacocks you’ll see are slightly moth-eaten and straggly but we have here a prime specimen in glorious jewel colours.

We included a pig because a huge number of people find them adorable and this is certainly true of the piglet looking over his shoulder with a huge, heartfelt smile on his little snout.

Two cute Labrador-Retriever puppies, nose to nose with their adorable curly fur and sleepy faces, come next and the last image of a squirrel on a branch nibbling a nut finishes off this range of beautiful animals.

Price: £5.95


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